Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Essence of Senses Experience, Harlem NY

After months of planning and rescheduling, I finally took the leap and curated my first urban sensory experience in collaboration with Kelli Saulny of Style and Taste. The event took place in Harlem at La Maison d'Art. The focus was Fall fragrances inspired by Cognac, Burbon, Whiskey, Rum, and Scotch. Kelli lead the spirits tastings, while I lead the fragrance conversations.  The goal was to create an interactive environment that exposes our unique audience to an elevated genre of perfumes and spirits, while simultaneously showing the similarities between taste and smell. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I could not have expected a better reception.

Thank you to my brand partners, By Kilian Luxury Perfumes and Lucky Scent, for supporting my passion and providing me with wonderful perfumes to showcase to a new audience! The video is by Lites Out Entertainment and the music credit goes to Holly Hood Productions! The colorful artwork featured is titled, OPULANCE by Mexican-American artist, Javier Àvila.

For additional information on the fragrances featured, visit Lucky Scent or ByKilian.

Fragrances from @luckyscent
1. Curielle by Ramon Monegal
2. Maremma by Tiziana Terenzi
3. Frank No2 (Los Angeles)
4. Decennial

Fragrances from @byKilian
1. Straight to Heaven
2. Apple Brandy
3. Single Malt

Artwork: Location: La Maison d'Art, Harlem Artist/Artwork: Opulence at La maison d'Art by Javier Ávila