Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Girl talk leads to a fragrant discovery

After work, I ran to Neiman Marcus to return a couple of items. I frequent the store pretty often, so much, the employees know me by name. Upon checkout, I was chatting with one of the store managers about my dreams and goals, which included opening a fragrance boutique one day, among other things! I told her about MUSE and how far I intend to take the concept!!! Ironically, she asked have I ever heard of "By...somebody. Hennessy?" I said, ByKilian?" She literally was floored. I said, "yes, I've worked 3 years for the brand as a freelancer on my weekends!!!" She nearly fell out and proceeded to tell me how much she loved Don't Be Shy, how she can not stand cheap perfume, and how her sister could rival my perfume collection. We totally had a fragrance girls moment at checkout!!!! Come to find out, she use to work for Bergdorf Goodman, a place where ByKilian Luxury Perfumes are also sold! I live for these interactions, I really do! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

New perfume samples

Samples from Min NY
It's always dangerous to visit MIN NY in Soho because the chances of walking out with a great perfume over $150 are very HIGH! However, this time, I collected a couple of samples to try out. I picked up Gran Ballo by Italian perfume house, Xerjoff and Paul Emilien's Premiere Danse for women. Both are distinctive and left more to be desired.    

MUSING on a Saturday…

I love it when my followers see my vision and point me in the direction of things and ideas that reflect what I'm doing. This cute MUSE shirt and the bag came from is Zadig & Voltaire!
a "MUSE shirt by Zadig & Voltaire

HARLEM: Random moments of fragrant inspiration

Lenox Saphire
I had a strategy meeting with my friend Corey of "Love, Auntie Bonnie."  We originally met at Lenox Coffee but because it was so freakin quiet, we decided to leave to avoid our rambunctious voices destracting focused customers! We walked to Lenox Saphire, a  French inspired  pasty shop and restaurant  near 125th street in Harlem. A few minutes into our conversation, I noticed a young woman, applying a roller-ball perfume to the pulse points along her neck. There was authenticity in that moment that had me in awe.  I whispered to Corey, "Look, that girl is applying perfume in the middle of a cafe."  I don't recall if it was me or Corey who broke the ice with her but I was determined to generate a conversation. In true Kim fashion, I strolled over to her and introduced myself! We chatted for a few moments and I found out she LOVES perfume as well. She even started to share her perspectives with me. She carries her Ralph Lauren spring/summer fragrance everywhere she goes! What's even more amazing, and what I can't seem to get out of my head, is the visual of her standing in a cafe (in the heart of Harlem) applying her favorite scent while waiting for an espresso in HARLEM! I took that as a clear message of inspiration. This is what modern urban sensory experiences is about...Getting men and women, who live and play in urban cities, to consider making fragrance part of their daily much that it becomes a natural integration. I only wish I'd captured that moment on my phone. I can kick myself for not doing so. DARN!!!! It's forever embedded in my mind. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Harlem Heirloom: An Urban Gem for Home Decor

 I came across Harlem Heirloom on Sugar Hill Market's IG. Surprisingly, I've driven past the store numerous times but never stopped in, until today! It was such a pleasure to meet co-owner Tyler and pick his brain about the inspiration behind the store and what's it like being a business owner in Harlem. Come to find out, we both hold down full time jobs but still find time to be entrepreneurial.  In between our conversation, I checked out their cool items and decided on a marbel cheese platter (so heavy, it can be used as a weapon, if need be! Great quality!) , a Heirloom candle (put it in my room and closed the door and the scent is wonderful...I didn't light wick) , a water jar, and Lemongrass soap, which was recently feature inside CurlBox! A small space indeed, but big on personality and character, this home decor spot is a must destination for those seeking to add some urban style to their home or personal space. Of course, I saw an opportunity to plug and solicit some support for my upcoming sensory experience next month and to my surprise, Tyler was receptive! I appreciate and will always support those who, like me, are driven by passion and just want to make our dreams a  reality! 

Live in Harlem, pay them a visit!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

CHANEL NO. 5 POP-UP EXHIBIT OPENS at 461 W. 14th Street. in NYC

Number Five,My lucky number. It will be CHANEL No5

No5 "In a New Light" Exhibit in NYC
You can't miss the beautiful and creative windows that instantly grabs your attention when you turn onto 14th street from the West side highway. Located underneath the High-line, this temporary "pop up" runs until May 17, with a special surprise treat for guests on Mother's Day. If you're in NYC, I highly recommend you check out this quick and innovative exhibit. It's free and open to the public from 12-8 daily.

I had the chance to visit today and was totally impressed! The moment you walk in, the air is filled with fragrance guiding you along the CHANEL No. 5  creation experience. Its like a maze, Creation, begins the tour followed by Cultivation, Composition, Abstraction, and Revelation. The exhibition ends with the original bottle design that releases fragrance when you stand by it. The experience reminded me of my trip to Grasse, when while walking in the small town, small systems would fan fragrance into the air. It totally added another level of engagement and intrigue. The social area is awesome too! It's where you can take pictures and write out CHANEL NO.5 postcards to be sent, by them, to anyone in the world! Of course, I sat there and couldn't remember anyone's address but mine and my parents, so I wrote myself a motivational note.

The showcase is filled with great information, much of which I didn't know about Chanel or NO.5.  If you're around, I encourage you to go check it out; It's a wonderful experience!

*Don't forget to collect your free sample of perfume before leaving!

Modern Urban Sensory Experiences (MUSE)

MUSE, Modern Urban Sensory Experiences, is a concept brand fusing perfume with the lifestyle and culture of the urban consumer. It offers unique, authentic, and diverse experiences on fragrance via curated sensory engagements. These engagements act as a "sensorial conduit" between niche, luxury and retail brands and unfamiliar urbanites who seek originality and exclusivity. By elevating a sense of connection, knowledge, and exposure, MUSE seeks to redefine way perfumery is perceived, related to, and discovered, while simultaneously inspiring a lifestyle of scent.