Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Girl talk leads to a fragrant discovery

After work, I ran to Neiman Marcus to return a couple of items. I frequent the store pretty often, so much, the employees know me by name. Upon checkout, I was chatting with one of the store managers about my dreams and goals, which included opening a fragrance boutique one day, among other things! I told her about MUSE and how far I intend to take the concept!!! Ironically, she asked have I ever heard of "By...somebody. Hennessy?" I said, ByKilian?" She literally was floored. I said, "yes, I've worked 3 years for the brand as a freelancer on my weekends!!!" She nearly fell out and proceeded to tell me how much she loved Don't Be Shy, how she can not stand cheap perfume, and how her sister could rival my perfume collection. We totally had a fragrance girls moment at checkout!!!! Come to find out, she use to work for Bergdorf Goodman, a place where ByKilian Luxury Perfumes are also sold! I live for these interactions, I really do! 

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  1. Just goes to show, you never know who you will run into. Continued blessings­čĹŹ