Sunday, May 24, 2015

HARLEM: Random moments of fragrant inspiration

Lenox Saphire
I had a strategy meeting with my friend Corey of "Love, Auntie Bonnie."  We originally met at Lenox Coffee but because it was so freakin quiet, we decided to leave to avoid our rambunctious voices destracting focused customers! We walked to Lenox Saphire, a  French inspired  pasty shop and restaurant  near 125th street in Harlem. A few minutes into our conversation, I noticed a young woman, applying a roller-ball perfume to the pulse points along her neck. There was authenticity in that moment that had me in awe.  I whispered to Corey, "Look, that girl is applying perfume in the middle of a cafe."  I don't recall if it was me or Corey who broke the ice with her but I was determined to generate a conversation. In true Kim fashion, I strolled over to her and introduced myself! We chatted for a few moments and I found out she LOVES perfume as well. She even started to share her perspectives with me. She carries her Ralph Lauren spring/summer fragrance everywhere she goes! What's even more amazing, and what I can't seem to get out of my head, is the visual of her standing in a cafe (in the heart of Harlem) applying her favorite scent while waiting for an espresso in HARLEM! I took that as a clear message of inspiration. This is what modern urban sensory experiences is about...Getting men and women, who live and play in urban cities, to consider making fragrance part of their daily much that it becomes a natural integration. I only wish I'd captured that moment on my phone. I can kick myself for not doing so. DARN!!!! It's forever embedded in my mind. 

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