Saturday, May 9, 2015

CHANEL NO. 5 POP-UP EXHIBIT OPENS at 461 W. 14th Street. in NYC

Number Five,My lucky number. It will be CHANEL No5

No5 "In a New Light" Exhibit in NYC
You can't miss the beautiful and creative windows that instantly grabs your attention when you turn onto 14th street from the West side highway. Located underneath the High-line, this temporary "pop up" runs until May 17, with a special surprise treat for guests on Mother's Day. If you're in NYC, I highly recommend you check out this quick and innovative exhibit. It's free and open to the public from 12-8 daily.

I had the chance to visit today and was totally impressed! The moment you walk in, the air is filled with fragrance guiding you along the CHANEL No. 5  creation experience. Its like a maze, Creation, begins the tour followed by Cultivation, Composition, Abstraction, and Revelation. The exhibition ends with the original bottle design that releases fragrance when you stand by it. The experience reminded me of my trip to Grasse, when while walking in the small town, small systems would fan fragrance into the air. It totally added another level of engagement and intrigue. The social area is awesome too! It's where you can take pictures and write out CHANEL NO.5 postcards to be sent, by them, to anyone in the world! Of course, I sat there and couldn't remember anyone's address but mine and my parents, so I wrote myself a motivational note.

The showcase is filled with great information, much of which I didn't know about Chanel or NO.5.  If you're around, I encourage you to go check it out; It's a wonderful experience!

*Don't forget to collect your free sample of perfume before leaving!

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