Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perfume, Lingerie, and INTIMACY=A Perfect Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day and what better way to acknowledge  then to write a post about the day for Lovers! I'm single with no significant attachments at this moment, so I doubt I will receive any "lovin" in the form of flowers, a Valentine's Day card, a box of Godiva chocolate, a bottle of perfume, an engagement ring, or a gift for that matter. My plans are simple, dinner in New York City with a girlfriend.

 If you are one of the many people who will be celebrating today over wine, a candle light dinner, a bouquet of roses, or a box of chocolates, I want to offer a suggestion that will undoubtedly make your evening more INTIMATE and "SCENT"ductive. Keep reading!

I'm a firm believer that women should pay attention to what they wear underneath their clothes as they do their outer appearance! This weekend I took a trip to one of my favorite stores, Intimacy, for a VDAY gift to myself!  Intimacy is a bra and lingerie boutique that specializes in professional bra fitting and  sophisticated lingerie pieces for women.  After exiting the store, purchase in hand, I begin to think about perfume, lingerie, and the idea of intimacy.

Perfume and Lingerie are often worn to allure an interest, captivate someone's attention, uplift individual spirits, mesmerize an unsuspecting victim, appeal to a lover, compliment a wardrobe, or express an attitude. "Intimacy varies within and between relationships and according to Anthropologists, intimacy is commonly considered the product of a successful seduction."  This seduction is often the result of some form of stimulation brought about either visually, physically, or emotionally. Perfume and lingerie are triggers!

Whatever your plans are for this evening…either sharing it with your intimate someone or by showering yourself with great company and a personal gift, consider adding a nice piece of lingerie and an evening perfume to the mix. It will add to an already fabulous evening!!!!

Intimacy Reference obtained from Wikipedia
Contents in picture are from my personal collection:
By Kilian (Back to Black Aphrodisiac and Prohibited) Pure SEXY
Nassamoto (Narcotic Venus)-Addictive and Powerful
SoOud Nektar (Ouris)-Sweet, Powder, and Delicious

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And the beat continues...

I'm relatively a new blogger. I launched RemininSCENT a few months ago with the mindset of documenting my journey and experiences as an aspiring voice in the fragrance industry AND to showcase my passion, in the most authentic manner, for all things perfume and beauty.  I started the blog with only a few posts, no comments, and 0 views!  Today, I have more posts, still not many comments, but over 2,000 views!  Now, I know my blog may not be able to compete with more established fashion, beauty, gossip, or life style blogs but it's reflective of me in my pursuit and it's a damn good start one I'm particularly proud of thus far!  I forgot to mention, I obtained a part time weekend  position with Saks 5th Ave  in NYC in their designer collection department! No, it's not fragrances  but definitely a great stop along the fragrant journey, an opportunity for me to establish myself with an iconic NYC establishment, build relationships with all departments, meet new people, sale, and generate more followers on twitter and views to the blog. I can't say I'm looking forward to early morning rises, commutes from Jersey, or sacrificing my weekends with family and friends; however, what I know for sure, in the Oprah voice, is once I get all decked out and step into the store on 5th ave with my fabulousness in tact it will not matter! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Highlights From the Elements SHowcase in NYC

Winner of the FiFi "Indie" Award 2012

This week I attended the  the Elements Showcase in NYC. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to really make the most of the 2-day showcase due to time constraints and other responsibilities, but it was very cool to check out the FiFi "Indie" awards ceremony and meet a few new people Monday night! This year, ODIN 06 New York Amanu, took home a $10,000 check and the award for best independent fragrance! Although I was rooting for  Sara Carner's Cuirs, ODIN is indeed a favorite of mine so I'm equally ecstatic for their recognition. ODIN New York is a men's luxury lifestyle boutique in the East Village. It  opened in 2004 and its unisex fragrances were launched around 2006! It's a respectable fragrance brand with a strong following. Most recently, my friend Tamarra purchased ODIN 04 while shopping in Williamsburg Brooklyn at MioMia. I had the chance to smell 06  and my first reaction was, "I like." Now, I can not go into an entire review because I have not sampled or purchased the fragrance but if you want to read a little more about it Google the blog, now smell this and do a search!

What I did get EXCITED about were two new brands I know nothing about but that caught my attention immediately, TOKYOMILK and Sarah Horowitz Parfums. I don't know much about these fragrances or it's creators but what I know for sure is I'm on a mission to learn more and of course share. BUT, that Tokyomilk/Dark #10 is something SERIOUS! Look for a future post!