Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And the beat continues...

I'm relatively a new blogger. I launched RemininSCENT a few months ago with the mindset of documenting my journey and experiences as an aspiring voice in the fragrance industry AND to showcase my passion, in the most authentic manner, for all things perfume and beauty.  I started the blog with only a few posts, no comments, and 0 views!  Today, I have more posts, still not many comments, but over 2,000 views!  Now, I know my blog may not be able to compete with more established fashion, beauty, gossip, or life style blogs but it's reflective of me in my pursuit and it's a damn good start one I'm particularly proud of thus far!  I forgot to mention, I obtained a part time weekend  position with Saks 5th Ave  in NYC in their designer collection department! No, it's not fragrances  but definitely a great stop along the fragrant journey, an opportunity for me to establish myself with an iconic NYC establishment, build relationships with all departments, meet new people, sale, and generate more followers on twitter and views to the blog. I can't say I'm looking forward to early morning rises, commutes from Jersey, or sacrificing my weekends with family and friends; however, what I know for sure, in the Oprah voice, is once I get all decked out and step into the store on 5th ave with my fabulousness in tact it will not matter! 


  1. Hey Lady,

    Just continue to be steadfast on Ur journey. Network, reach out, and research. In time it all will fall into place; in the mean time become the expert and find your voice. The followers will come.

    Simply EE

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I will do just that!

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