Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my viewers. Although it may not be many of you right now, I am optimistic that my community will grow over time! I started this blog over a month ago and I'm excited about the direction thus far and the potential I have as I continue to follow my passion! Over a year ago, I wrote my goals out on a large post-it poster and hung it on my wall. One goal was to have a fragrance blog along with a host of other things! I'm elated to see that my goals are coming to reality! More to come in 2012... Please stay for the ride:) All the Best-Kimberly

Trying to convince my friend to buy "1725" Casonova by Histoire de Parfums

 Rotimi loves the fragrance but becomes a little sticker shocked after the price is revealed. However, with some convincing, he purchases it! He revealed that he doesn't typically treat himself and he's use to Marc Jacobs! I'm glad he found a new fragrance to add to a growing collection. Rotimi deserves to treat himself. He is a is a corporate professional, an entrepreneur in BK, and runs a non-profit company. With a growing list of ventures,it only makes SCENTS that he adds something new to his lifestyle.

Mission accomplished

Ok, we are doing the final sniff of 1725 Casanova by Histoire de Parfums which I fought the urge to not purchase for myself

Yup, Rotimi got his scent and he is ready to make that name and the price live up to his expectations
This is the arm tattoo of Hillery Sklar, a licensed aesthetician at mio mia. Her signiture scent is Petit Cherie by Annick Goutal. It's notes are "Daring. Irresitible, and Sweet." She has been wearing this fragrance for years! I thought this tattoo was so cool!

Inside miomia

Wall of fragrances

Odin NY is a luxury mens clothing store in NYC. An extension of their brand is a line of fragrances for both men and women! Tamarra purchased the last bottle of Odin 04 from Katie but not after a little friendly fight over it!

Fashion meets fragrance: Comme des Garcons, A unisex fragrance line Pronounced Komu de Gyaruson 
I love the design of the bottles

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NYC Scents: miomia apothecary in Williamsburg BK

I had so much fun yesterday in Williamsburg BK visiting miomia apothecary with Rotimi and Tamara. This store is definitely an establishment worth checking out especially if you're in the market for a niche fragrance, a unique candle, a grooming product, or a new skin care treatment for yourself. In our case, we stopped by to find Rotimi a new fragrance to compliment his swagg! It was time for him to "upgrade" his collection and begin steeping away from his comfort scent, Marc Jacobs!  Prior to our visit, I'd never heard of miomia. Katie, the owner, opened the unisex hotspot over 6 years ago on Bedford Ave in the Williamsburg neighborhood.  It's said to be, "New York's first truly unisex apothecary."   She is very cool and knowledgeable. She made our shopping experience totally worth another visit in the future. If you are in Williamsburg BK stroll into miomia.

319 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Thursday, December 22, 2011

House of Chanel-Saint Tropez, France

From Cannes, France M.Micallef Parfumes Les 4 Laisons Automne

I was walking down the street in Cannes France and came across the exclusive parfume boutique, M. Micallef. The unique designs of the perfume bottles caught my attention immediately. I went inside and was greeted by a lovely French woman and a beautifully decorated boutique. I purchased Les 4 Season's Automne, pictured below and male fragrance Gaiac (I think it can be unisex). The bottle is adored with Swarovski stones.The scent is rather heavy making it ideal for fall or winter months. It's distinct and long lasting with a mixture of wood, spice, vanilla, and  fruits. It has a delightful interaction although I wouldn't wear it everyday.

"Scent"sational @ 30 yrs old!



Turning 30 years old has never LOOKED or SMELLED better these days LOL!!!  I celebrated the BIG 30 in July and had the chance to welcome Ms. Danielle and Michelle (not shown) to the club last weekend in NYC. The ladies welcomed their 30th in style with friends, great music and creative masks! I wore a sexy fitted long-sleeve grey dress and complimented it with a few sprays of soOud's Ouris Perfume Nektar (means the Sublime in Arabic). I selected this perfume because it exudes sexiness complexity, and exoticness...which  pretty much describes me:)
 It's notes, Blackcurrant - Honey - Tagetes - Jasmine - White cedar - Pollen accord - Almond - Iris butter - Vanilla - Sandal - Tonka, gives to a powder-like smell. It teases my nose in the most sensual way and leaves an impression that lasts over 8hours. I actually still had the scent on me the following morning. A beautiful scent for a beautiful woman.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beauty Alert!

I just purchased Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel and Vitamin E Body Scrub. In the upcoming days, I will be creating a video entry about the two products and why I think you should consider one or both when looking for a way to nourish and hydrate your skin this winter season!

Got this as a gift from my partner, L'Occitane en Provence hand cream. The 3-pack is a good deal. You can keep one at work, one in your car, your handbag or at home! It's seriously moisturizing and not as greasy as other hand creams. With the cold expected this winter, it's important to have something like this accessible.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pic w/ Karen of Sniffapalooza (Fall Fragrance Ball 2011)


Fall ball 2011/Henri Bendel NYC
 I met Karen (right) at my first Sniffapalooza event over a year ago. The event I attended was held at MinNY in New York City at the group's annual spring fragrance Fling (I think). Little does Karen know, that event inspired me tremendously!  It's opened my eyes to the world of luxury niche fragrances and I've been broke and hooked ever since! Seriously, I'm grateful for the exposure and I'm even more delighted to share with you what I'm learning along the way. If you are a fragrance lover or fragrance whore (as Evelyn Lozada refers to herself as) this is the blog site for you. I will be introducing and bringing awareness to  new niche scents you probably never heard of. If you are new to the perfume world or simply want to find a new signature scent this is the blog for you too! Now if you are a man and want suggestions from a pretty savvy young lady then this too is the site for you!

* Sniffapalooza was launched in 2004 by Karen Dubin and Karen Adams, two HUGE perfume lovers.  It's a group made up of perfume enthusiasts (including me) who, "sniff out the latest and greatest fragrances from around the world.” Visit their website for additional information on the group and upcoming events!

NYC during Xmas time! Have to love it!

With Kilian, of ByKilian in NYC

Black to Black Aphrodisiac-solid
My purchase$
With Kilian of ByKilan in NYC
ByKilian has two products, perfume and clutches. I wanted to show you how talented this man is! Not only are his perfumes art, from a design and scent standpoint, his clutches are elegant, glamorous, and very chic. Allegedly, Beyonce purchased two according to a sales representative. If so, I can see why! The attention to detail is evident in all that Kilian produces. This clutch is an immediate attention speaks without words. I was so transfixed by the black and gold clutch that Kilian had to gently ease it from my grips!

Kilian of ByKilian visits Bergdorf Goodman

I had the pleasure of meeting Kilian Hennessy last week at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City! Kilian is a perfumer and the founder/creator of the luxury fragrance line, ByKilian. He is heir to a long line of cognac makers and the grandson of the Louis Vuitton,Moet, Hennessy (LVMH) founder. However, despite having such a famous last name and coming from a powerful family Kilian is down to earth, talented, and very personable! In the video he is signing one of  many purchases:)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who Wore It Better?

As my friend said, "Popular."  R&B singer Teairra Marie, BBW Evelyn Lazada, and blogger Kimberly (me)  knows how to pick a FAB dress!!!  I wore my dress for my 30th birthday celebration.While Teairra rocked hers to a recent event in Miami and Evelyn for her Bday at the Fountainbleau in Miami! This Jovani number is a stunner!!!

*Photos of Teairra Marie/Evelyn Lozada from
What I love about a fragrance is its ability to evoke personality through the complexities of a  scent.
As I'm watching TI's reality show on VH1, I notice he has a bottle of Clive Christian No1"the world's most expensive perfume" on top of his counter ($850+)! Nice TI! I like Clive Christan "C" for woman ($375) but have to save up some pennies first! “No1 was created without reference to cost to contain the most rare and precious natural ingredients. Understated yet distinctive, ancient Indian Sandalwood and Arabian Jasmine Sambac impart the scent of an accomplished, uncompromising character." 

*Image/description courtesy of and Clive Christian website

Sunday, December 4, 2011

While visiting family in upstate New York this weekend, I decided to go check out the movie, My week with Marilyn. In the movie, a reporter yells, "Marilyn, is it true you sleep in nothing but perfume?" Without saying anything, she allowed her trademark smile to respond for her. Another scene shows a bottle of Miss Dior on her night stand next to her bed.  Now, I'm not sure if Miss Dior existed in the 1950's or was it simply product placement but clearly the reference to perfume insinuates that Ms. Monroe was a lover of perfume or I'd like to think she was in my head.  She's often depicted in photographs as being a "blond bombshell" beautiful, glamorous, sensual, sexy, alluring, and mesmerizing as they come. I can totally picture a sea of perfume bottles meticulously positioned on top of her vanity.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Famed perfume bottle designer and author of the book, Glamour Icons, Marc Rosen at a recent event in NYC

Kim and Tee Take Henri Bendel shopping for something SCENTsational

France2 029.MP4

Ever been to Grasse, France the perfume capital of the world? Check out this video!
I was walking in Cannes France and saw this beautiful store with the same exact name but spelled a little different. The perfume bottles were beautiful but too rich for my blood!
Excited to finally have my FB page up and ready to go! and Evelyn Lozada commented on my twitter page!!/ReminiSCENT30 She has over 130 perfumes! Check it out