Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marc Jacobs new perfume, DOT.

I see this being a hit for the holidays among customers who like designer fragrances. Cute bottle....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SCENT and LOOK of the Day

Scent: Byredo's Bal D'Afrique perfume
( bergamot,lemon neroli, jasmine, black amber, musk, and Moroccan cedar)

Look: Teri Jon skirt, black Pelle Moda pumps, and Tahari top!

Location: Work(Sales)

I decided to wear Bal D'Afrique today because it compliments my professional look and enhances my already easy going, engaging, and energetic personality! My job requires constant interaction and communication with people, so its important to wear a perfume that's not distracting but warm, smooth, and welcoming.

Before leaving my apartment this morning, I filled my travel atomizer(pictured below). If you do not have one, I suggest you get one to carry in your purse, suitcase, handbag, or keep at work.

Monday, August 20, 2012


"Handmade in New York City" is the motto Joya proudly stands by. Whether it's their candles or perfumes, Joya welcomes and embraces the curious nose or candle fanatic. Introduced to the world by founder, Frederick Bouchardy, Joya has participated in the Elements showcase since its inception a couple of years ago. Not one to have an entire line of fragrances, Joya has just enough options to accommodate their established and loyal followers while catering to new perfume seekers.

What I like about Joya is its friendly price point, quality, options, and use of essential oils. A convenient travel size roll on perfume of Joya FvsS Composition No.1 cost $28.00! It's not large, but it carries enough perfume power to keep you smelling and feeling yourself all day;) Apply the roll-on to your skin and notice how the essentials oils leave a scented residue that last throughout the day! No.1 is my favorite Joya scent; however, the recent release, Ames Soeurs or soul mates, is a top contender as well. The roll-on is travel friendly and can be thrown in a purse but if you're a fragrance enthusiast the porcelain perfume bottle (shown below) will make a great addition to your collection. No.1 is safe for work (will not over power colleagues) and excellent for socializing with a fun crowd!

Top notes: sparkling Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange and fresh quince.
Heart notes: heliotrope petals, tuberose, jasmine, camellia and Damask rose.
Dry down notes: creamy sandalwood, pale musk and a hint of tonka bean

Joya Candles
If you like your house or apartment to smell as good as you, Joya's candles or diffusers are worth considering. Seeking a simple but quality candle? Or one that adds design presence to your space? Joya is ideal. Their candles have been created by celebrated ceramic artist, Sarah Cihat, and most recently Joya added a new candle line by Hervé L. Leroux, formally known as Hervé Leger, and it's pretty darn mesmerizing I might add!

For additional details on Joya visit their website, Joya Studio.

Elements Showcase returns to NYC

Premier niche perfume trade show returns to NYC Monday August 20-21!

It's FREE and open to the public, bloggers, industry folk, buyers, and anyone who is passionate about fragrances!

500 West 36th Street
New York NY 10018

August 20-21 2012
9am - 7 pm

Friday, August 17, 2012

Groupon PERFUME Find: Bvlgari Omnia Eau de Parfum

If you use Groupon and like Bvlgari perfumes then this will be a terrific buy. It's been a while since I've worn a Blvgari fragrance, but I remember finding the line of perfumes satisfying, consistent, and wearable. For only $25, it's a steal! I ordered mine.

"Black-pepper-and-mandarin blend with hints of masala tea, cardamom, chocolate, and lotus flower in this 1.33-ounce eau de parfum spray..."

* perfume delivered! Love a great deal!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Former workers at Bond No. 9 perfume shop suing owner Laurice Rahme in $3 million race bias lawsuit

I had the chance to meet the two women who filed the lawsuit against Laurice Rahme of Bond No. 9 at a fragrance event some months back. I learned, through conversation with a mutual friend, that they were former Bond sales associates who generated a lot of money for Rahme but were fired under hostile terms. Few details were shared with me, but I gathered it wasn't an amicable split..... Developing

For additional details on this story, hit the link!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

As Seen in O Magazine

Scent of Magic... Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian shares his body cream, Aqua Universalis, with O beauty director Valerie Monroe.

Coco Noir makes an "elegant and immensely sexy" evening fragrance. Can't beat the reasonable price either, $130!

If ever at the Carlyle Hotel...

The Carlyle Hotel, NYC
Perk: 24-hour Fragrance Butler
A selection of ten fine perfumes are just a ring away. The Fragrance Butler will arrive at your door with a silver tray of complimentary scents such as Chanel Chance, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford for Men, and Bulgari Pour Homme.

*Courtesy of Uptown Magazine, Fringe Benefits!

PERSEPHENIE, LA Based Apothecary

While reading a magazine during my pedicure today, I came across a small section that highlighted LA based apothecary,PERSEPHENIE. It's a natural botanical perfumery and organic skincare hot spot that opened in 2004. It originally catered to private appointments; however,  PERSEPHENIE opened to the public last May. The artsy boutique carries not only botanical perfumes but "raw resins of Frankincense and Labdanum, as well as vintage Patchouli, Edwardian rose and Tuberose" and "offers an eclectic mix of vintage jewelry, imported Japanese incense and handcrafted beauty products" according to website, LA Racked. As a scentaholic, if I'm ever in LA, this boutique will be on my "must go" visit list.

 Check out the website and read the bio of  Ms. Persephenie herself!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wish List Alert: Dama Bianca by Xerjoff

Recently launched in 2012, Dama Bianca by Xerjoff, is the latest fragrance installment from the CASAMORATI 1888 collection. My attraction to Dama Bianca is pretty ironic being that I'm a black lady and Dama Bianca means, "White Lady." However, after reading the story/myth/legend behind it's creation, I know the name has nothing to do with race as it does with the circumstances surrounding this woman's  plight wih love.

At the Beauty Bloggers event, Min NY displayed, among many, the latest from Xerjoff Luxury perfumes. Tia, the sales  associate, walked me through the entire line and pointed out scents she thought I'd like. Dama Bianca caught my nose instantly! I LOVED it! However, I know Xerjoff is an expensive perfume and hesitated to even inquire about the cost. I once tried a $700 bottle of his perfume and considered paying my rent late so I can get it.... I didn't of course. Thankfully, Tia prepared a generous sample of Dama Bianca for me to take home and try. Very smart, especially since it's so easy to be impulsive at Min NY. They carry an impressive niche perfume collection.  I haven' tried my sample yet, but will do so later this week and update the post after a few whiffs and sniffs. In the meantime, check out this brief except from an interview with Xerjoff creator Sergio Momo where he elaborates on the inspiration behind Dama Bianca.

Excerpt courtesy of fragrantica:
"Bianca is a feminine perfume, as you can see, and its legend is partly based upon a real story. My city, Turin, is famous for its great history. There was the first capital of Italy (1861) and it was the home city for the House of Savoy. So there are a lot of beautiful castles and palazzos, and one of them—Palazzo Madama—is famous for the legend about the beautiful Italian maiden who refused to marry a French military officer. The reasons vary—because he was a French occupant, or he was just too old and ugly, or she gave her heart to some Italian guy… whatever, it's a legend."

*For the entire interview, please visit the Fragrantica site!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sample Delivery!!!!

Found this perfume company on twitter, eM perfume by folieM, and decided to request a sample pack! They didn't waste anytime to send it out to me! Pretty cool concept and the scents smell good as well!

*Will update this post by the end of the week!!!!