Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wish List Alert: Dama Bianca by Xerjoff

Recently launched in 2012, Dama Bianca by Xerjoff, is the latest fragrance installment from the CASAMORATI 1888 collection. My attraction to Dama Bianca is pretty ironic being that I'm a black lady and Dama Bianca means, "White Lady." However, after reading the story/myth/legend behind it's creation, I know the name has nothing to do with race as it does with the circumstances surrounding this woman's  plight wih love.

At the Beauty Bloggers event, Min NY displayed, among many, the latest from Xerjoff Luxury perfumes. Tia, the sales  associate, walked me through the entire line and pointed out scents she thought I'd like. Dama Bianca caught my nose instantly! I LOVED it! However, I know Xerjoff is an expensive perfume and hesitated to even inquire about the cost. I once tried a $700 bottle of his perfume and considered paying my rent late so I can get it.... I didn't of course. Thankfully, Tia prepared a generous sample of Dama Bianca for me to take home and try. Very smart, especially since it's so easy to be impulsive at Min NY. They carry an impressive niche perfume collection.  I haven' tried my sample yet, but will do so later this week and update the post after a few whiffs and sniffs. In the meantime, check out this brief except from an interview with Xerjoff creator Sergio Momo where he elaborates on the inspiration behind Dama Bianca.

Excerpt courtesy of fragrantica:
"Bianca is a feminine perfume, as you can see, and its legend is partly based upon a real story. My city, Turin, is famous for its great history. There was the first capital of Italy (1861) and it was the home city for the House of Savoy. So there are a lot of beautiful castles and palazzos, and one of them—Palazzo Madama—is famous for the legend about the beautiful Italian maiden who refused to marry a French military officer. The reasons vary—because he was a French occupant, or he was just too old and ugly, or she gave her heart to some Italian guy… whatever, it's a legend."

*For the entire interview, please visit the Fragrantica site!

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