Sunday, February 24, 2013

My friend celebrated her 30th birthday at the Smyth Hotel in TriBeCa on Saturday night. It was a festive evening filled with food, cocktails, and great music. I wore a red and black gown purchased from a boutique on Prince St in NYC. I wanted to look effortlessly elegant and sexy. I had no idea the gown would garner so much attention! It contoured my curves perfectly and the jersey material provided a comfort that made for easy wearing through the night. I wore a mix of scents Saturday night. Honestly, I couldn't find a perfume that grasped what I wanted to smell like, so I attempted to create my own using ByKilian's Straight to Heaven White Cristal Perfume as a main choice. I added a little Lalique for sophistication and bergamot There was something about the evening chill and rain Saturday night that made this creation appropriate for my mood, look, and evening.

I've never walked anyone's red carpet before, but this dress made me feel like I could have been. It was my pre Oscar moment. Speaking of the Oscars, Halle Berry and Robin Roberts killed the Oscar's red carpet yesterday. They were my top highlights. Halle in Versace and Roberts in that electrifying blue gown by Marc Bouwer, simply stunning. There is nothing like two women who make beauty and elegance look so divine.

Update:Charlize Theron's hair cut is too die for! Her look was flawless. I can appreciate a woman who can pull off a short cut and make it look sexy!

Who were your Oscar favorites?

*pictures from the FB page of Style Pantry.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Benefit EDT

It's a rainy day in NYC, so what better way to spend it on the couch watching reruns of Kim and Kourtney take Miami. Instead, I'm in the village, an area in NYC, shopping with my GF for her upcoming vacation. We stopped at Bloomingdales and I came across Benefit's EDT fragrance collection. The scents are ok, but the bottle designs and concept caught my attention. Check them out!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

IT'S YOUR "CHANCE" Pt 2: Beyonce's Life is But a Dream Documentary

I will not say I'm a die hard Beyonce fan but I've always respected her artistry and talent. I've never attended a Beyonce concert but I do enjoy her music tremendously. Outside of her song lyrics, magazine covers, public sightings, interviews, award shows, and her Tumbler, we rarely get a glimpse into Beyonce's personal world. When I began to see advertisements around NYC for her documentary, Life is But a Dream, I knew I had to watch it. Almost 2 million viewers were thinking along the same line, making it the highest viewed documentary on HBO since Spike Lee's, When the Levees Broke.

I do not have HBO; instead, I watched it on my iPad while waiting for my car to get serviced on Monday. I didn't have any expectations; instead, I watched with an open mind and high level of curiosity. When it was complete, I pulled out my phone and typed the first draft of this post.

It's your CHANCE, Embrace IT

I may not share the same talent nor the same bank account as Beyonce, but after watching the documentary I realized we share common fears and insecurities. I fear failure. I fear not being able follow through on what I've started. I fear life possibly redirecting me and my priorities shift. I fear losing interest in my passion. I fear the possibilities... the magnitude of success and not being able to meet them. As my friend stated, "Kim, you fear the probabilities before you even understand the possibilities." He is accurate. My insecurities lie in my inability to trust and believe in my capabilties and that's pretty significant.

Beyonce,on the other hand, endured fearful and insecure moments as well.  After viewing "Life is but a Dream" I identified with her as a woman, not just the talented entertainer and singer. I discovered we are more alike then we are different. In the documentary she says, "we are all going through our problems, we all have the same insecurities, we all have the same abilties and we need each other."  Beyonce, taking a CHANCE on her career was especially poignant for me. Unfortunately, it resulted in a seperation from her father and a strained relationship with him as well but tt was the RISK she took in order to control her OWN destiny. What I gathered from that was sometimes necessary decisions are unpopular ones thus you have to be strong enough to carry that burden, if there is one, especially if that decision is in your best interest.

Beyonce's journey is not my own, of course, but her understanding applies. She said, "It's ok to be SCARED. Allow it, release it, and move on."  I'm learning just that. I'm also learning how to become more comfortable with myself, how to make my own decisions, whether right or wrong, and how to trust that what God has planned for me is greater then I can foresee. I just have to stay out of my own way in the meantime:)  I look forward to the day when the fears stated above become manageable coincidences and being scared to "jump in" actually transforms itself into a natural high... that's when I know I'm living my passion with God as my lead.  

*As a symbolic purchase, I picked up CHANCE Eau Fraiche EDT by CHANEL. It sits on my dresser as a fragrant reminder. I see it when I wake up, before I walk outside, and when I return home. Perfume serves multiple purposes in life, smelling good its just one! I look forward to sharing those purposes with you in future posts about Taking a CHANCE.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SOTD: Jo Malone's limited Bitter Orange and Chocolate cologne

I started my morning in a strange mood. I wasn't upset but I wasn't happy either. Before getting out of my bed, I said my daily prayer and at the suggestion of a friend, described to the universe what type of day I wanted to have. Got up from bed then headed to my closet to select a business casual but polished look for work. I took off my silk hair wrap, applied my Crest White Strips to my teeth, and did my makeup all within a 20 minute span. The radio was tuned to Power 105 and DJ Envy's morning mix had me zoning out for a little bit. Eventually, my mood improved. I started to feel energized although I hadn't consumed breakfast yet. My hair was perfect and my makeup was just enough. I felt pulled together. I applied my new perfume, Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate, and told myself it will be a sweet day! We can't control our initial moods in the morning. Sometimes we wake and we feel groggy, while other times we feel like we are on top of the world. Despite your initial morning mood, there are little ways you can enrich your day. For me, it's making sure I spray some perfume on before leaving my apartment.

How do you enrich your daily attitude?

*Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate is one of four new scents recently released by the London company, It's nicely crafted and pleasant to inhale. It's orange note is initially heavy but soon enough the chocolate absorbs the citrus resulting in a nice blend of bitter sweetness.

Friday, February 15, 2013

While my friends party in Brazil for Carnival...

I'm honoring Brazil's Carnival by wearing L'Artisan Parfumeur BATUCADA today! A fun and sensual scent inspired by Brazilian music and culture. Just so damn good! Happy Friday:)

Elizabeth and James shades
"Girl About Town" lips by MAC
Perfume by L'Artisan

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taking a " CHANCE" Pt 1

"It's your chance, embrace it."- CHANEL CHANCE Perfume

It's 11:00 pm on Tuesday. I'm at a local restaurant reading the March edition of Vogue magazine with Beyonce on the cover. I've been waiting for it to hit shelves and finally my local Barnes and Nobel had it in stock. As I'm flipping through its pages, an advertisement for Chanel CHANCE perfume catches my attention. The words "It's Your Chance. Embrace It" resonates.

I believe God sends messages in various forms. After the day I had, I couldn't help but to believe this was a message intended for me.

I know I'm not the only woman in the world to over analyze a thought, second guess a decision, or think of every possible worse case scenario before arriving at the "best" decision. If it was possible, my head would probably explode due to the unnecessary mind drama I impose upon myself. Don't get me wrong, being critical or analytical at times is beneficial. I'm living a pretty blessed life as a result. I've avoided many obstacles because of my thoughtful decisions; yet, I can't say I'm living my BEST life or expressing my BEST self to the world because of the barriers that come along with being an over thinker. My best will be expressed when I'm able to take CHANCES,risk more, and fear less. I'm 31 years old and still learning how to trust myself and the decisions I make without hesitation. It's not an easy task. I'm use to controlling and planning every facet of my life; however, a situation today challenged me to take a CHANCE and embrace what was being presented to me at that very moment. I'm still asking myself subtle questions in my head:) However, knowing I'm stepping out of my confront zone and attempting to discover my true self is fulfilling enough. As the advertisement states, "It's your CHANCE. Embrace it."

Surprise yourself, Take a CHANCE today!

* I have yet to try Chance perfume. I merely included it for illustration purposes and to make a connection. The perfume is available at fine retail stores if you're interested)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Enough Shea Butter to last me...

I had no clue when I click the "buy" link on Groupon I'd received 12 scented all natural/unrefined miniature Shea Butter containers. Pretty awesome surprise, as I'm a huge lover of Shea butter! Its multi purpose use comes in handy, especially during the winter months, when skin, hair, and lips are extra dry. Good stuff!


"She uses her gifts to seduce, to allure, and bewich and arouse..."

                        "She uses her gifts to seduce, to allure, and bewich and arouse..."

I will be going to Paris this May and I can not wait to stop by the ETAT LIBRE D'Orange shop.

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Her onbré hair is shaved on the left side, a la Skrillex, and she smells like her own perfume (her third, Nude, notes of guava and sandalwood)." -Josh Eells (Rihanna Crazy In Love, Rolling Stone)