Thursday, February 21, 2013

IT'S YOUR "CHANCE" Pt 2: Beyonce's Life is But a Dream Documentary

I will not say I'm a die hard Beyonce fan but I've always respected her artistry and talent. I've never attended a Beyonce concert but I do enjoy her music tremendously. Outside of her song lyrics, magazine covers, public sightings, interviews, award shows, and her Tumbler, we rarely get a glimpse into Beyonce's personal world. When I began to see advertisements around NYC for her documentary, Life is But a Dream, I knew I had to watch it. Almost 2 million viewers were thinking along the same line, making it the highest viewed documentary on HBO since Spike Lee's, When the Levees Broke.

I do not have HBO; instead, I watched it on my iPad while waiting for my car to get serviced on Monday. I didn't have any expectations; instead, I watched with an open mind and high level of curiosity. When it was complete, I pulled out my phone and typed the first draft of this post.

It's your CHANCE, Embrace IT

I may not share the same talent nor the same bank account as Beyonce, but after watching the documentary I realized we share common fears and insecurities. I fear failure. I fear not being able follow through on what I've started. I fear life possibly redirecting me and my priorities shift. I fear losing interest in my passion. I fear the possibilities... the magnitude of success and not being able to meet them. As my friend stated, "Kim, you fear the probabilities before you even understand the possibilities." He is accurate. My insecurities lie in my inability to trust and believe in my capabilties and that's pretty significant.

Beyonce,on the other hand, endured fearful and insecure moments as well.  After viewing "Life is but a Dream" I identified with her as a woman, not just the talented entertainer and singer. I discovered we are more alike then we are different. In the documentary she says, "we are all going through our problems, we all have the same insecurities, we all have the same abilties and we need each other."  Beyonce, taking a CHANCE on her career was especially poignant for me. Unfortunately, it resulted in a seperation from her father and a strained relationship with him as well but tt was the RISK she took in order to control her OWN destiny. What I gathered from that was sometimes necessary decisions are unpopular ones thus you have to be strong enough to carry that burden, if there is one, especially if that decision is in your best interest.

Beyonce's journey is not my own, of course, but her understanding applies. She said, "It's ok to be SCARED. Allow it, release it, and move on."  I'm learning just that. I'm also learning how to become more comfortable with myself, how to make my own decisions, whether right or wrong, and how to trust that what God has planned for me is greater then I can foresee. I just have to stay out of my own way in the meantime:)  I look forward to the day when the fears stated above become manageable coincidences and being scared to "jump in" actually transforms itself into a natural high... that's when I know I'm living my passion with God as my lead.  

*As a symbolic purchase, I picked up CHANCE Eau Fraiche EDT by CHANEL. It sits on my dresser as a fragrant reminder. I see it when I wake up, before I walk outside, and when I return home. Perfume serves multiple purposes in life, smelling good its just one! I look forward to sharing those purposes with you in future posts about Taking a CHANCE.

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