Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SOTD: Jo Malone's limited Bitter Orange and Chocolate cologne

I started my morning in a strange mood. I wasn't upset but I wasn't happy either. Before getting out of my bed, I said my daily prayer and at the suggestion of a friend, described to the universe what type of day I wanted to have. Got up from bed then headed to my closet to select a business casual but polished look for work. I took off my silk hair wrap, applied my Crest White Strips to my teeth, and did my makeup all within a 20 minute span. The radio was tuned to Power 105 and DJ Envy's morning mix had me zoning out for a little bit. Eventually, my mood improved. I started to feel energized although I hadn't consumed breakfast yet. My hair was perfect and my makeup was just enough. I felt pulled together. I applied my new perfume, Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate, and told myself it will be a sweet day! We can't control our initial moods in the morning. Sometimes we wake and we feel groggy, while other times we feel like we are on top of the world. Despite your initial morning mood, there are little ways you can enrich your day. For me, it's making sure I spray some perfume on before leaving my apartment.

How do you enrich your daily attitude?

*Jo Malone Bitter Orange and Chocolate is one of four new scents recently released by the London company, It's nicely crafted and pleasant to inhale. It's orange note is initially heavy but soon enough the chocolate absorbs the citrus resulting in a nice blend of bitter sweetness.

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