Sunday, February 24, 2013

My friend celebrated her 30th birthday at the Smyth Hotel in TriBeCa on Saturday night. It was a festive evening filled with food, cocktails, and great music. I wore a red and black gown purchased from a boutique on Prince St in NYC. I wanted to look effortlessly elegant and sexy. I had no idea the gown would garner so much attention! It contoured my curves perfectly and the jersey material provided a comfort that made for easy wearing through the night. I wore a mix of scents Saturday night. Honestly, I couldn't find a perfume that grasped what I wanted to smell like, so I attempted to create my own using ByKilian's Straight to Heaven White Cristal Perfume as a main choice. I added a little Lalique for sophistication and bergamot There was something about the evening chill and rain Saturday night that made this creation appropriate for my mood, look, and evening.

I've never walked anyone's red carpet before, but this dress made me feel like I could have been. It was my pre Oscar moment. Speaking of the Oscars, Halle Berry and Robin Roberts killed the Oscar's red carpet yesterday. They were my top highlights. Halle in Versace and Roberts in that electrifying blue gown by Marc Bouwer, simply stunning. There is nothing like two women who make beauty and elegance look so divine.

Update:Charlize Theron's hair cut is too die for! Her look was flawless. I can appreciate a woman who can pull off a short cut and make it look sexy!

Who were your Oscar favorites?

*pictures from the FB page of Style Pantry.


  1. You looked great! It's a very beautiful dress.

    My Oscar favorites were Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kristin Chenoweth, Queen Latifah and Jessica Chastain.


  3. My favorites were Halle Berry, (your dress above though not in the Oscars fab!), Charlize Theron!!! (In that order). Nice blog Kim! I will follow it. ~ Melissa Emily Mitchell