Sunday, August 12, 2012

PERSEPHENIE, LA Based Apothecary

While reading a magazine during my pedicure today, I came across a small section that highlighted LA based apothecary,PERSEPHENIE. It's a natural botanical perfumery and organic skincare hot spot that opened in 2004. It originally catered to private appointments; however,  PERSEPHENIE opened to the public last May. The artsy boutique carries not only botanical perfumes but "raw resins of Frankincense and Labdanum, as well as vintage Patchouli, Edwardian rose and Tuberose" and "offers an eclectic mix of vintage jewelry, imported Japanese incense and handcrafted beauty products" according to website, LA Racked. As a scentaholic, if I'm ever in LA, this boutique will be on my "must go" visit list.

 Check out the website and read the bio of  Ms. Persephenie herself!


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