Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Scent"sational @ 30 yrs old!



Turning 30 years old has never LOOKED or SMELLED better these days LOL!!!  I celebrated the BIG 30 in July and had the chance to welcome Ms. Danielle and Michelle (not shown) to the club last weekend in NYC. The ladies welcomed their 30th in style with friends, great music and creative masks! I wore a sexy fitted long-sleeve grey dress and complimented it with a few sprays of soOud's Ouris Perfume Nektar (means the Sublime in Arabic). I selected this perfume because it exudes sexiness complexity, and exoticness...which  pretty much describes me:)
 It's notes, Blackcurrant - Honey - Tagetes - Jasmine - White cedar - Pollen accord - Almond - Iris butter - Vanilla - Sandal - Tonka, gives to a powder-like smell. It teases my nose in the most sensual way and leaves an impression that lasts over 8hours. I actually still had the scent on me the following morning. A beautiful scent for a beautiful woman.

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