Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NYC Scents: miomia apothecary in Williamsburg BK

I had so much fun yesterday in Williamsburg BK visiting miomia apothecary with Rotimi and Tamara. This store is definitely an establishment worth checking out especially if you're in the market for a niche fragrance, a unique candle, a grooming product, or a new skin care treatment for yourself. In our case, we stopped by to find Rotimi a new fragrance to compliment his swagg! It was time for him to "upgrade" his collection and begin steeping away from his comfort scent, Marc Jacobs!  Prior to our visit, I'd never heard of miomia. Katie, the owner, opened the unisex hotspot over 6 years ago on Bedford Ave in the Williamsburg neighborhood.  It's said to be, "New York's first truly unisex apothecary."   She is very cool and knowledgeable. She made our shopping experience totally worth another visit in the future. If you are in Williamsburg BK stroll into miomia.

319 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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