Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pic w/ Karen of Sniffapalooza (Fall Fragrance Ball 2011)


Fall ball 2011/Henri Bendel NYC
 I met Karen (right) at my first Sniffapalooza event over a year ago. The event I attended was held at MinNY in New York City at the group's annual spring fragrance Fling (I think). Little does Karen know, that event inspired me tremendously!  It's opened my eyes to the world of luxury niche fragrances and I've been broke and hooked ever since! Seriously, I'm grateful for the exposure and I'm even more delighted to share with you what I'm learning along the way. If you are a fragrance lover or fragrance whore (as Evelyn Lozada refers to herself as) this is the blog site for you. I will be introducing and bringing awareness to  new niche scents you probably never heard of. If you are new to the perfume world or simply want to find a new signature scent this is the blog for you too! Now if you are a man and want suggestions from a pretty savvy young lady then this too is the site for you!

* Sniffapalooza was launched in 2004 by Karen Dubin and Karen Adams, two HUGE perfume lovers.  It's a group made up of perfume enthusiasts (including me) who, "sniff out the latest and greatest fragrances from around the world.” Visit their website for additional information www.sniffapalooza.com on the group and upcoming events!

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