Sunday, December 4, 2011

While visiting family in upstate New York this weekend, I decided to go check out the movie, My week with Marilyn. In the movie, a reporter yells, "Marilyn, is it true you sleep in nothing but perfume?" Without saying anything, she allowed her trademark smile to respond for her. Another scene shows a bottle of Miss Dior on her night stand next to her bed.  Now, I'm not sure if Miss Dior existed in the 1950's or was it simply product placement but clearly the reference to perfume insinuates that Ms. Monroe was a lover of perfume or I'd like to think she was in my head.  She's often depicted in photographs as being a "blond bombshell" beautiful, glamorous, sensual, sexy, alluring, and mesmerizing as they come. I can totally picture a sea of perfume bottles meticulously positioned on top of her vanity.

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