Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trying to convince my friend to buy "1725" Casonova by Histoire de Parfums

 Rotimi loves the fragrance but becomes a little sticker shocked after the price is revealed. However, with some convincing, he purchases it! He revealed that he doesn't typically treat himself and he's use to Marc Jacobs! I'm glad he found a new fragrance to add to a growing collection. Rotimi deserves to treat himself. He is a is a corporate professional, an entrepreneur in BK, and runs a non-profit company. With a growing list of ventures,it only makes SCENTS that he adds something new to his lifestyle.

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  1. Who is that frugal gentleman? :) Kim you are such the saleswoman. You are going to do incredibly well in the fragrance industry. Thanks for helping me chose a sexy fragrance. Best of luck in 2012.