Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liaisons Dangereuses "typical me" by Kilian

"Kilian has said in the past, "your personal fragrance is your weapon as you go throughout the day" and today I woke up feeling like I needed an arsenal to get me moving! No, I didn't spray on multiple fragrances but I did apply the right one, Liaisons Dangereuses "Typical Me" by Kilian.

With its mixture of spicy,woody, floral, and citrus notes, "typical me," covers all basis for mood alteration. The next time you're shopping for a perfume, allow the packaging and scent to grab your attention but take a moment to inhale, linger, and reflect on how it makes YOU feel. Ask yourself, does the scent uplift my spirits? Does it put a smile on my face or a frown? Does it remind me of a fond memory or one I rather not recall? Does it make me want to be more sexy, alluring, powerful, content,adventurous, rebellious, desirable, or sophisticated?  By spending a few extra minutes with the perfume prior to purchase, it will undoubtedly add to your fragrant experience and create more use for it in your life. After all, a bottle of perfume shouldn't just look pretty and smell good!

" I translate that which I see or feel into scents" - Richard Fraysse, CARON

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