Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twitter Chronicles

Falling in love is pretty dramatic and unpredictable. It's blissful when it's good and treacherous when its not! Love involves an emotional connection that goes beyond physical appearance or external attributes. It elevates; it's purposeful. Love is desired and everlasting when it's "right."

I sent my friend Nicole some Kilian samples because she was looking for a new fragrance for the Fall. I mixed it up, including Love "Don't be Shy," Straight to Heaven "White Cristal,"and Dangerous Liaisons "Typical Me." She clearly favored Love "Don't be Shy" tweeting that the scent has her falling in love with herself!"

What's really fascinating about Nicole's tweet is her ability to verbalize the emotional effect this perfume has had on her. She clearly feels..... Whenever she applies this to her skin.....
Nickels (@2niks)
12/7/12, 12:20 PM
Today I'm wearing "white crystal buy #killian & feeling like I'm shining bright! "@ReminiSCENT30: "Let your 'scent' speak your mood today.""

Nickels (@2niks)
11/3/12 8:28 PM
"This "Don't be Shy" perfume by Killian has me falling in love w/my damn self. Have mercy! @ReminiSCENT30"

Nickels (@2niks)
10/23/12, 5:03 PM
@ReminiSCENT30 I LOVE #Killian's Don't Be Shy! Might be my new scent :)

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