Sunday, January 27, 2013

ByKilian Amber Oud Wins Indie Award

The Five Finalists for The 2013 Fragrance Foundation Indie (FiFi®) Award are:

*Amber Oud - By Kilian
Cuirelle - Ramon Monegal
30 Eau d'Hiver - Le Cherche Midi
Rima XI - Carner Barcelona
Terasse à St-Germain - Jul et Mad

My two favorite finalists are ByKilian and Carner Barcelona. If I recall correctly, I think this is the 2nd time Carner Barcelona has been nominated for the FiFi Indie award,kudos! If you stroll down my blog, you will find an earlier post on Carner Barcelona. ByKilian is near and dear to my heart, so my fingers are crossed for Amber Oud to bring home the win for the team. It's one of my favorite Ouds to suggest to clients, after Incense Oud!

Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow!

*Update! Kilian wins!!!

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