Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm baaaaccckkk!

My last post was in October. At that time, the holidays were nearing, my full time job was becoming more demanding, and writing posts became a tasks more than an outlet to write creatively and authentically. Hence, I decided to take a step back to regroup.  Sooooo, what have I been up to for the last 7 months?!?!

I've spent a lot of time cultivating my Instagram account (@reminiscent30)...building relationships, discovering new perfume companies, connecting with perfumers across the pond, and chatting it up with other perfume lovers and collectors alike.  I'm nearing 1000 followers, pretty dope!!!! I've been visually documenting the happenings in my life and capturing my experiences through photos and sometimes videos. I took a trip to Morocco in Feburary for 8 days, moved to NYC in May (Uptown Girl now), and created another extension of my brand, MUSE (Mastering Urban Sensory Experiences), which I can't wait to share the specifics as they unfold! In between time, I've also had the chance to find inspiration through magazines pages, books, social outings, interactions with new people, travels, and daily activities! I now have a plan and concrete ideas for what it is I want to do! It's execution time! I firmly believed a break was needed in order for me to reignite my natural spark! I'm ready to pick up where I left off. The Summer is nearing and I anticipate many opportunities to take myself and what I'm trying to do in the perfume world to a higher level. I'm super excited to be living in this wonderful city...I'm still getting use to the lifestyle change but it feels good to know, as long as I do my part, an abundance of opportunities await(s) me.

*on yeah, my hair has been going through changes. For a short while, I lived as a blonde! 


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  1. Hi there!! Welcome baaack!!
    I follow you on Twitter. We have similar fragrant dreams in common.
    I wish you much excitement and success in your MUSE endeavors. BTW, love the meaning.
    Follow your nose and your vision will develop.
    many fragrant wishes to you,