Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BESPOKE's CUIR FAUVE by Keiko Mecheri

(Above) BeSpoke is Keiko Mecheri latest fragrance collection. It's a completely different approach from her traditional perfumes. I find it to be more complex in note composition...complicated to some degree (not in a negative way). The fragrances forces you to stay and explore longer. It requires a lingering of sort- a conversation and agreement between your nose, your reactions, and your preferences before being able to say, "I like." This was the case when I tried CUIR FAUVE. It's main notes are leather, tobacco, orange blossom. amber, and vanilla. It was masculine and  strong but the orange blossom, vanilla, and amber added some femininity. Initially, I was uncertain of this scent; it was very intense. I'm normally confident when it comes to wearing masculine fragrances but the potency of  the tobacco and leather made me uncertain.  I kept walking away from the collection but my curiosity lead me back desiring one more whiff. Before leaving, I asked for a sample to try for a few days and to share with someone who I thought would be interested. I shipped it to another fragrance aficionado in Atlanta who LOVED it. He said, "CUIR Fauve is some sexy Sh@! and normally I'm not a leather/Tobacco fan."  This is what is cool about the collection...what you think you wouldn't like, you will especially if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone. Apparently he appreciated CUIR FAUVE so much that he  said it would be his next full bottle purchase! BeSpoke and other perfumes by Keiko Mecheri are sold exclusively at MIN NY (check out their website-

Keiko Mecheri

Loukhoum, my latest Keiko Mechari perfume

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