Monday, October 15, 2012

Creed's Aqua Fiorentina

I never fully explored CREED's entire perfume collection. Although, I do recall a couple of years ago, while working at Neiman Marcus for Coty, smelling the widely popular perfume, Aventus. I recall saying to myself, "if I had a man, I'd want him to smell like this."

Last Saturday, while working at SAKS, I made my way over to the CREED counter again and randomly picked up Aqua Fiorentina for women. Launched in 2009, the plum infused fragrance with hints of cedar and sandalwood had me captivated. The remaining 30 minutes of my shift was spent in fragrant bliss! I couldn't stop smelling myself. It totally reenergized me and had me longing for more! Before leaving the store, I created two samples to take home! Both of which were securely packed away in my carry-on for my trip to Dallas the next day! I figured, if Aqua Fiorentina can bring me such pleasure within a short time, then the next 5 days of corporate politicking will be a piece of cake!

Update: It's 8:00 am on Tuesday and my colleague, Amanda, says "you smell pretty and very feminine!"

Visit, for additional information and historical background on the CREED family!

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