Sunday, September 23, 2012

PARIS Bound 2013...

It was a little over a year ago when I traveled to the south of France with a desire to learn more about perfume and the history behind it. I asked my my friend and colleague Kelly to come along with me because I had no clue about Europe. She'd been all over the world and was always down for a trip. We spent 12 days traveling to Nice, Grasse, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Ez, St.Tropez, and Provence. A year later and more passionate then ever about perfume, I booked my flight to Paris!!!!  Outside of Grasse,which offers a historical perspective on perfume, Paris is the place where perfume, fashion, food, and culture, intersect. It's a must visit for the perfume aficionado and I sureley can't wait until May 2013!!!

*Side note: Two years ago I wrote my short term goals on a large sticky note and hung it on a wall in my bedroom. My goals at the time were, trips to Grasse and Paris, create a perfume blog, start a LLC, attend fragrance related events, join social media, network with other perfume lovers, and freelance for a perfume company. Today, all those goals are met, except one (the LLC).

Paris will be an entire different experience for me. I have no doubt I will return home more inspired and passionate then before!!!! In preparation for the trip, I plan to engage my twitter followers and readers some how! I have six months to plan but do stay connected to see what's in store!

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  1. Can't wait for all that is in store for you. I'm so happy that you came across my profile. I'm inspired by your drive and smitten to say the least with your hair. ;-) Big things are on the horizon and I'm so looking forward to your write up about your visit to Paris. ;-)