Friday, September 14, 2012

Osswald Parfumerie and Luxury Skin Care Boutique Opens

                                                             A fragrance gem easily found in the the heart of SoHo.
Welcome to Osswald 

My upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic required I take a trip into the city to renew my passport, which expired in June! After submitting all necessary forms for an expedited delivery and getting a bite to eat, I decided to walk a few blocks to the new fragrance boutique, Osswald on West Broadway. Along the way, I passed Benefits(makeup) and was swayed into the store by a zealous sales associate using the pitch,"Come in and try the world's best selling mascara." Two purchases later, I departed the store with exaggerated eyebrows and extended eyelashes:)

When I arrived in front of Osswald, I was impressed with the exterior and large windows. I walked inside and up the stairs and was greeted by friendly associates. After introducing myself and a few minutes of small talk, I was shown around the boutique and introduced to their impressive line of niche fragrances and Mr. Osswald's larger then life miniature perfume bottle collection ( very cool and reminiscent of a vintage bottle collection I saw in Grasse).

All packaged up
After an hour or so of whiffing, conversation, and laughs, I left the store with a new fragrance by Huitieme Art Parfume and a generous amount of perfume and skin care samples. When asked,"what's special about Osswald? The response I was given was, "service" and "exclusivity" with a "Swiss"approach. With a host of retail stores and boutiques in NYC, there are few fragrance boutiques or apothecaries period and even fewer, if any, offering a European perfumerie experience like Osswald.

For a full list of perfume and skin care brands carried at Osswald, visit

My purchase from Osswald.

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