Friday, December 21, 2012

"Apocalyptic" fragrance candle by Byredo

Fragranced Candle
Fragranced Candle/Bougie Parfumée, 300g/9 oz
Burning time: 60h

“The history of the apocalypse stretches back thousands of years and has often been depicted in art and cinema. Currently these predictions distract from the real perils facing the planet like global warming and biological diversity. Apocalyptic is a artistically challenge of creating a scent that nobody has ever experienced.”

Far from fire and brimstone, Apocalyptic is a wonderfully warm, wood fragrance that opens with the hot metal notes of fire irons melded with the glorious, rare, black raspberry from Oregon. At the centre of Apocalyptic, the scents of ancient papyrus and oakmoss conjure great age while at the base, warm dark woods and the smouldering birch hint at depleted primordial forests.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome scent! I´d definitely wear it if it was a perfume!

  2. A very fitting candle for the date ;) (even though nothing has happened)