Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scent and Style

Birthday girl Aurea on left at STK, NYC
I had a blast this weekend! I celebrated my girlfriend's 33rd birthday at NYC's trendy steakhouse, STK, located in the meatpacking district. We spent a few hours enjoying delectable skirt steak, mac and cheese, parmesan truffle fries, tuna tartar, and of course cocktails! As always, the service was stellar and the atmosphere was electric. From Micheal Jackson to Jay Z and every jam in between, the DJ kept the tunes going and our waiter kept the cocktails flowing! No celebrity sightings this visit, but my friend definitely looked like one Saturday evening! Wearing this glitter dress, Beyonce--styled hair, MAC makeup, and Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume, she projected the right attitude and style for her birthday dinner, sexy and more sexy!

Ready for a night out
Aurea appreciates perfume. This particular fragrance was gifted to her by her boyfriend who thought the scent was ideal for her and luckily she agreed. Initially, she refused to share the name of the perfume fearing I'd go out to purchase it for myself. Eventually she told me it was Hanae Mori. My GF is curvy with a backside she shamelessly embraces and flaunts! She appreciates her body and the sexiness that comes with it. Hanae Mori's Butterfly perfume is a perfect match for her personality and style. Launched in 1995, Butterfly, became a Mori classic. Ideal for the grown woman with a natural sex appeal and an attitude to match, which is her all the way. It's drenched in sweetness, little too sugary for my taste, but may be appropriate for that grown woman who likes to express her sweet and sexual side at the same time. How do you decide what perfume to wear on a given day? Have you ever considered pairing your perfume with an outfit or an event? Do you select a perfume based on your emotion? Does your perfume choices reflect your personality? Feel free to answer one of these question below and you may just win one of 3 award winning Travalo refilliable purse size perfume sprays.
Aurea's Scent of the Night, Hanae Mori Butterfly Parfum
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  1. Do not enter me into the draw (I do not like the idea of taking off sprayers to fill in these automizers) but I wanted to answer your question.

    Some of my perfumes are designated like "party"/"special event"/"dresses-up" so even though they aren't paired with any specific clothes I know they will be worn only with my special clothes and while I'm in the mood for those special occasions.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I like how you designate your perfumes according to events and moods. It shows how versatile perfumes can be!