Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Bergdorf Goodman to Lunch in Paris... my afternoon with Kilian Hennessy and Elisabeth Noel Jones of ByKilian Inc

 I never thought a chance visit to Bergdorf Goodman one afternoon would later turn into a part-time employment opportunity with ByKilian luxury perfumes. Furthermore, I never thought in a million years, my path would lead to lunch in Paris at Le Flandrin with the company's creator (Kilian) and CEO (Elisabeth).  When I  decided to go to Paris, I reached out to Elisabeth via email to see if it was even possible for us to connect while I was there. To my surprise, both she and Kilian planned to be in their Paris office during my travel dates. When she replied and expressed interest in taking me out to lunch I was elated! Fast forward 6 months later,  I didn't know what to expect the day of. Their assistant called my hotel to confirm the detail and to inform me they just returned from Moscow that morning but wasn't going to cancel on me. Relieved and anxious at the same time, I left my room early to navigate my way to their neighborhood via train. I didn't want to be late. During the walk from the metro to the venue, I wondered if Kilian would like me. I wondered if I could hold a conversation with the Frenchman. Was my outfit fashionable enough? After all, I was his employee, he was the owner, and heir to the Hennessy cognac empire, no pressure! Elisabeth was cool. She hired me on the spot and our connection was immediate, but Kilian worried me most. I met him only once as a customer. Before walking across the street to the restaurant, I took a few deep breaths, calmed my nerves, thanked God for such an opportunity and  reminded myself to be, MYSELF. And you know what? It all worked out just lovely! 

Le Flandrin, where I lunched with Kilian Hennessy and Elisabeth in Paris. 

ByKilian at the Printemps. SAKS 5th Ave does not look like this!
Walking around  Kilians' neighborhood before lunch. Taking in the moment. I couldn't believe I was about to have lunch with the creator of ByKilian luxury perfume and the heir to the Hennessy empire!
I wish I can can come to this boutique a couple times a month to work.  
I wasn't crazy about this shirt. It made me look preggo. Cute picture though.  This is Elisabeth and she is the CEO of ByKilian. She was so cool and down to earth. She was impressed I'd traveled to Paris solo
The man himself! So freaking cool and hot! Epic moment for me. Kilian Hennessy 

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  1. KIM!!!! You are FEARLESS!!! And making it happen!!