Sunday, February 8, 2015

VENUE booked for spring fragrance showcase in Harlem!

Took today outside of the La Maison d'Art
I'm excited to share the venue for Modern Urban Sensory Experiences (MUSE) spring fragrance showcase has been booked! The inaugural experience will take place in Harlem at "the stylish and artistic"  La Maison d'Art Gallery on Saturday, June 21, 2015. Located on the ground floor of the brownstone, MUSE will present a curated selection of spring fragrances I feel reflect the style and vibe of one of the most culturally diverse sections of New York City.  Exact details are forthcoming but I'm really happy to be jump starting these urban sensory experiences and giving men and women the opportunity to experience and discover unique fragrances and contemporary art in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Now, its time to execute.

Stay Tuned!
Ground level entrance of La Maison d'Art