Thursday, January 29, 2015

Next Stop, HARLEM

La Maison d'Art (Garden level where MUSE will host showcase)

Outside view Guest House and Art Gallery
Dope picture: Photo Credit: @sugarhillmaket
 Last Sunday Gyl, my good sister-friend, and I met at this brownstone in Harlem to check out a flea-market. It's called the Sugar Hill Market and it happens the first Sunday of every month. I spotted the market on IG after one of the vendors I know (Harlem Candle Co) posted they'd be in attendance. The market takes over two floors, the parlour and garden level, and is filled with unique items for sell.  As we strolled through, I surveyed the space and the ideas began to hit me one after the other.  I turned to Gyl and told her I want to have my MUSE event here.  She identified the owner and I strolled on over to introduced myself. After a brief cordial exchanged, she gave me the run down and her business card to follow up.  Just a few moments ago, I contacted her via email to express my interest in renting the gallery for a few hours!!!! Once I lock in the date, the real work begins.

A vendor at the Market Pic Credit: Instagram @Sidneyandsons
As promised, I'm going to be keeping ya'll in the loop! Anything can change, between now and then, but I'm circling Saturday, June 21 on my calendar as the big day…putting it into the universe!

Stay Tuned!

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