Saturday, August 22, 2015

Early Fall Fragrance Release: ODIN 12 Lacha

With September around the corner, there will be a hosts of new fragrances released in time for you to  switch it up for Fall/winter. Odin New York's latest addition, Odin 12 Lacha, sounds like it will make a nice seasonal fragrance for men or women. "A spicy blend of black pepper, rare Lacha saffron-(a spice known for its multiple threads and fibers filled with taste and aroma). Saffron is commonly cultivated in Spain, Iran, or Italy. Lacha Saffron, however, is from Kashmir and is extremely difficult to obtain due to vegetative/weather conditions and tough export restrictions from India. However, ODIN has managed to sprinkle a little bit of this unique saffron into there fragrances.

The Inspiration: Indian Culture.
For whom: Men and Women. 
The notes: "black pepper, Lacha saffron, nutmeg and carnation, flowers, sandalwood, leather, and patchouli.  
The Price: $165 100ml #theMUSExperience #yousmellgood #scentstyle #scentedinspiration #fragranceinspiration #standout 

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