Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NYC' trendy Beauty & Essex offers Good times and A Vintage Perfume Bottle Design....

After having dinner and the best Leche martinis to-date at Indochine in NYC last Friday, my friends and I decided to jump in a cab and head over to Beauty and Essex for a little extra fun. Indochine was cool but we wanted to hear music and as my friend said, "Be Fabulous." Beauty and Essex provided both! After passing through security, without hassle, we checked our coats and headed straight to the ladies room for a quick face check!  As I was standing in line to use the mirror, I noticed a complimentary Champagne stand and a lounge area... a very nice touch indeed and super cute! However, what really had me psyched were the vintage perfume bottles (replicas most likely) that adorned the mirror!!!!! I found myself totally excited about the design and the creativity. I took out my IPhone and begin taking these pictures while politely disregarding the women washing their hands, applying makeup, fixing their hair, drinking Champagne, and adjusting their clothes. I was transfixed on the idea behind the perfume bottles and appreciated it's integration not only in the ladies room but the overall vibe of the restaurant/lounge.  It worked!   Below are a few good ones. How cool?!?!?

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