Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring/Summer Lip Color and Make-up w/NARS, MAC, and Bobbi Brown

Before heading to a social event with other fragrance enthusiast last Sunday, I conducted a mini make-up session. I am no make-up artist and I do not pretend to be one, but I do enjoy wearing it and creating my own trends. This time, I used multiple lipstick colors to create this ONE color. Crazy, I know! I traced my outer lip with NARS Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Pencil then I filled the remaining lip with NARS Heat Wave, MAC Impassioned (a little) and Lady Danger. The result was an orange/red color...more orange however. It's uniquely bold and may not be for everyone but I think it looks great! I'm even more excited to wear this color in the summer when my complexion turns slightly darker and has a natural sun kissed glow. This color will rock!!!  Now if you don’t see yourself applying multiple lipsticks at one time, you can try NARS Wonder lip gloss which is very similar to my lip. The finish is of a mandarin orange red but without the intensity of the lipsticks.

* I am wearing Bobbi Brown's Oil Control Moisturizer and Skin Foundation in Warm Almond 6.5. As a woman with semi-oily and dry skin, I needed a sheer foundation that balances my natural skin without leaving an oily build up mid day. I only applied one time for the day and did not have to re-apply which is cool. However, I do hydrate my skin with a tonic to keep a fresh look.  I tried samples of the foundation and moisturizer for a week prior to purchasing and was pleased with the finish. I'm not a make-up whore (kind of) but I do enjoy wearing it as long as it doesn't wear me.

My other suggestions for the Spring or Summer are: 
NARS Funny Face lipstick
MAC Girl about Town lipstick


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    1. Thanks Mercedes...I'm learning from a pro:)

  2. It will look great in the summer!

    1. Thanks! We have to make our MAC run! I start SAKS this weekend! Making that money-lol!

    2. Yeah- I can't wait! This color will look great with an all white dress! Can't wait!