Friday, March 2, 2012

Ile d'Amour Parfum ...bringing me back to the South of France

Me at the Fragonard House in Grasse, France

I woke up with the south of France on my mind and decided to wear  Fragonard's, lle d'amour. I don't know how to make the proper mark above using the computer, but in French it means Island of Love.  Whenever I wear this fragrance,  I'm reminded of my trip. I purchased this fragrance at the Fragonard House in Grasse. We spent the entire day there roaming the streets, museum and perfume houses.  After the day in Grasse, we went to dinner in old Nice. I decided to wear the fragrance. It mixed well with the air that evening  and even more beautifully as we walked along the ocean back to our hotel. Along the walk, we sat down to take in the landscape. The temperature was perfect, the breeze was perfect, and moment was perfect. Kelly was in her zone as was I. The music was provided by young teenagers on instruments, similar to those one would see playing in a NYC subway station.  It’s one of the most memorable nights of my life and I appreciate these quick moments of reflection that only a fragrance can provide. This bottle contains floral/musk notes and many others  I may not be able to identify or pronounce because I am not a trained nose, but more importantly it contains my memories. It’s cool to know, whenever I need  escape or when I want to be “taken back” I can seek out lle d’amour. It’s my keepsake. It’s “reminiscent” of a wonderful experience.


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