Thursday, April 25, 2013

26 days till Paris: Cocktails at French restaurant, Jean Georges and Barneys excursion

I didn't have to work at the Kilian counter this weekend, so I decided to spend a few hours in NYC. Once I got off the 1 train at Columbus Circle, I walked over to the Trump International Hotel to the famed French restaurant, Jean George.  It's one of the highest rated restaurants in NYC! I didn't have dinner; instead, I opted to have cocktails with a good friend. I didn't stay at the bar long as I wanted to leave enough time for me to stroll over to Barneys to smell some new perfumes. I listened to Josephine Baker on Pandora on my walk over...totally in French mode.  I dipped in between and/or passed the many people visiting Central Park without distraction. I arrived at Barneys and immediately went to the 1st floor to play. After a couple of hours of chatting, sniffing, whiffing, and purchasing  perfume and makeup, I became hungry and decided to go have an early dinner upstairs at Fred's. I pulled out my new MacBook Pro to begin composing this post with my $20 cocktail, $10 fries, and $20 pizza as a back drop! Needless to say, the food was expensive and tasty but the experience of enjoying my own company, doing what I love, and making friends with bartender, Priceless.
ByTerry lipstick and lipgloss. Love this line 

My 7year old nephew took this picture in Harlem
Le Labo
ETRO, good stuff!
My $20 cocktail, which was damn good by the way but too bad I couldn't afford another 

First Frederic Malle purchase

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