Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Days till France: French Dinner at BEAUMARCHAIS with GF

Tuesday April 16th marked 30 days until my France trip. What better way to get the excitement rolling then to have a kick off dinner at Beau Marchais, a NYC French brasserie located in the Meat Packing District! My friend, Tamarra, was my dinner date! She sipped on red wine, while I opted for a tasty cocktail made with champagne and raspberry puree. Of course we had French fries or as the French call it "Pommes Frites" I had ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and topped with green peas. Tamarra ordered the french version of pizza with arugula salad on top. Both meals were delicious. In between taking and posting pictures on instagram, we made time to chat about work and our upcoming trips next month. It was definitely a fun chill night at Beau Marchais. The crowd was diverse for a Tuesday night and the French house music, if such exist, had us jamming until we were ready to call it a night. Check out the pictures and the funny video!

beau marchais


Tee, I want that lipstick, MAC Heroin.  Her scent of the night was Bond NY Oud (She's  Bond No.9  girl)

My scent of the night was Back to Black "aprodisiac" by Kilian

I'm looking more and more like my mom as I get older  (random thought)