Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beyond the Bottle: Perfume as a a lifestyle enhancer

SENZA FINE for Women by Profumi di Firenze
Sometimes I determine my "scent of the day" by how I feel in that moment or how want to feel the duration of the day. Today, I was going to the Jersey shore to have dinner with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. I woke up this morning feeling rested, even spirited, and a little getty, if that makes sense. I originally decided to wear a one piece dress but voted against it after realizing I wasn't feeling the look. I went into the bathroom to apply my makeup. I attempted a cat eye and suprisingly it came out perfect, almost. I was feeling myself (in my BeyoncĂ© voice). I wanted to feel and exude sexy. I went back to my room and started shifting through clothes. I wanted to show legs and skin, after all I just spent a small fortune treating it to a thermal body wrap and scrub!  I wanted high heels. I wanted oil skin. I wanted to feel tall...strange but that's the vibe I was going for! I pulled out a light weight grey/white symmetrical stripped skirt with a mean slit up the thigh! I paired it with a white tank. It was casual, sexy, and very summer! So sexy as I walked (or strut) all you see is my thigh. Yes, in the comfort of my apartment I was completely comfortable but walking outside I was like, "ok, these thighs may cause a slight problem." Before leaving I spritzed on, Senza Fine. It's an Italian perfume from the house of Profumi di Firenze. I got this a few months back from Twisted Lilly in Brooklyn. I've worn it a few times but was waiting for it to pair nicely with everything, from my mood to my style. What I mean by that is, perfume plays multiple roles in my life. It's not something I spend a lot of money on only for it to sit on my dresser and collect dust. For me, it's a mood stabilizer or energizer, it compliments my outfit, is part of my style, projects my personality, evokes my originality, serves as a gift to others, holds fond memories in tact or enables the creation of new ones, it allows me to explore myself or tap into a reserved part of who I am. A great fragrance will do wonders for you; it's much more than the scent it gives off.

Today everything was in unison and when it happens like this, I want to capture and share those feelings and emotions on the blog or IG. For me, this is essentially why I started ReminiSCENT and continuing with MUSE. I want to offer unique perspectives on scent ( in various ways) that changes the way people perceive, relate to, and discover perfumery, while simultaneously inspiring a lifestyle of scent. For example, if this particular post or anything I may share peaks someone's curiosity so much that they take the time to explore Twisted Lilly or Senza Fine EDP on their own time, I am happy and smiling HARD…like dimples and all.  At my core, all I want to do is expose others to luxury and original perfumery in a way that they can identify…get them excited as much as I am about it! I truly believe when a person can look beyond the bottle to see perfume as another form of individual expression, an extension of who they are or wish to be, it becomes a game changer, a style changer and a life changer. A great bottle of perfume (or two, three, or four) needs to be part of the urban lifestyle and I'm on a mission to make it happen.

Fragrance Notes:
Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang-Ylang, Orchid, Water Lily, Musk


  1. I ordered a sample.....I'm waiting....I will share my thoughts, once I receive it.

    1. Hey! Just checking to see if you received your sample yet?