Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fragrance Chronicles: boyfriend vs. girlfriend

I snapped this picture of him after we shared a good laugh
This morning I hear multiple squirts of something coming from the bathroom. In my mind, I'm hoping it's not one of my fragrances that is being used in excess by my boyfriend, AGAIN. I yell, "what are you squirting?  He replied, "I'm making my own fragrance combination." I take a deep breath before asking, "what fragrance are you using?" He ignores me and I become instantly annoyed. I sit up in the bed and the agitation seeps in with every spritz I hear. He continues to ignore me…

 See, majority of my perfumes are unisex. He loves to smell good and I appreciate that but he doesn't appreciate my collection or what they represent to me. For him, as long as it smells good, he will wear it. For me, I don't want him bathing in my expensive scents without any regard! Instead of making quick decisions, I feel, he should put some thought into it but I learn men are not as insightful as women.  Karim has a heavy hand. He does not know how to apply fragrances with ease. He selects one and then sprays it 10 times on himself. When he finds "the one," he lives with it and drains the bottle. His latest obsession is MY, "Jazz Club" by Maison Martin Margiela, which almost gone! 

Back to the story. He comes out of the bathroom carrying a vial of fragrance in his hand. I'm giving him the screw face as he approaches the bed smiling and laughing. He sees my reaction but shows no regard. He leans in to spray the concoction on my arm and I instantly smell, ByKilian's Lemon Zest perfume and it sends me to into a rage. I don't recall giving it to him; instead, I passed it along for him to try out.  Now, he altered the scent by mixing it with multiple fragrances! The hand and head gestures start and somehow in between them I managed to  knock the vial out of his hand. It drops, glass shatters, and the liquid covers the wood floor. Now, I'm really upset. We argue (I'm upset that my perfume is now on the floor and he doesn't get it ) he yells, "see, what you did! I have to make a new one." He exits the room, while glass is everywhere, and proceeds to search for another empty vial to refill. I hear more squirts and I just shake my head realizing it's no use in exerting the energy arguing with this guy. 

He's happy so I let him indulge. Besides, he gets as much enjoyment and satisfaction from smelling good as I so he gets a pass this time ;)

Do you share mutual items with your partner? Do you ever fight over those items?


  1. That's funny....I have a heavy hand as well.

  2. Enjoyed this read as it made my morning­čśť
    My hubby and I share Portofino by Tom Ford and it drives me crazy that it smells better on him so I will be looking for a new fragrance

    1. Hi Ross, I can totally relate! Please let me know what I can do to help you find a new scent!