Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beauty Chronicles: "I'll be DAMNED..."

Ross in Gucci- Pic from

I am a HUGE Tracee Ellis Ross fan! Out of all the girlfriends on the show "GIRLFRIENDS" Joan, aka Tracee, was my favorite. She was smart, intelligent, always put together, chic, beautiful, sophisticated, sexy, and could dress her behind off! Her fashion sense was authentically hers and she owned it! I think the case is the same for Ross when she is not acting. Every time I see her in a magazine or on a television show (she currently stars in and produces BET's Reed Between the Lines) I'm enamoured by her and her versatility. Whether she is rocking her natural curls with a tee shirt, cargo pants, and a pair of Jordans or dressed in a Gucci Dress and a pair of Louboutins attending an awards show no one can deny her ability to make an impressionable fashion/beauty statement.

Wearing NARS, DAMNED on the lips

Speaking of statements... Tracee is known for making BOLD ones with her lip color.  This post is about stepping out of your lip color comfort zone and trying something BOLD just because you can!  A favorite of Tracee is NARS Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I've purchased many of NARS lip pencils, Cruella and Dragon Girl just to name a couple, but I didn't have this color in my collection so this past weekend I went to pick it up!

DAMNED lip pencil is very matte but it's goes on very creamy and smooth; it works with all skin complexions too. As you can tell, I added a little lip conditioner underneath which creates a light sheen. I do like matte but at times it can be drying but if you like that type of finish then this is the way to go. DAMNED is a deep cranberry or wine-like color. The cool benefit to wearing pencils is that you can line the lip with one color and fill it in with another. Also, it can double as a lipstick too! When you want to veer off of the "Red" lip definitely try this color. It will give you that "pop" in a sultry/edgy kind of way!

 I applied the lip pencil before going to work and it pretty much lasted the entire day. I did, however,  apply my lip conditioner once to the center of the lips and used my hand to spread the remaining pigment around without a full reapplication. Be aware that the top tends to pop off at random moments so after each application make sure that it's pushed firmly down...I wouldn't want the lip color to damage your clothes or the inside of your handbag. 

Go ahead BEAUTIFUL.... BE BOLD and go try NARS DAMNED
Velvet Matte Lip Pencil! You will not be disappointed!


  1. Joan was my absolute Fav! She always looked fabulous. Thanks for the suggestion to try a new lip color. I will look for one this weekend!

  2. Yes! The color is adventurous but can be toned down by wearing it matte! Nars has an entire line from nudes, pinks, and reds! Go to the counter and play!

  3. *Adds to shopping list* live for mattes and Tracee!