Tuesday, January 24, 2012

High Hopes for Sara Carner, founder of Carner Barcelona fragrances, at next week's FiFi "Indie" Awards

The Fi Fi is an annual awards event hosted by the Fragrance Foundation in New York City. It recognizes some of the most influential fragrance brands in the industry. It's a big deal and is said to be the Oscars of the fragrance world! However, before the big event in May, the foundation linked up with the premier fragrance tradeshow, Elements Showcase, to distribute the first ever FiFi "Indie" award next Monday in NYC.  Elements was created to provide a platform for reputable and emerging independent perfumers and/or niche beauty/cosmetic brands to present their products to the press, potential buyers, manufactures, and distributers. The “Indie” award is given to an independent brand that has made an impact within the fragrance community using innovation, creativity, and unique artistry.  It’s awesome to see both Elements and the Fragrance Foundation partnering to create such an opportunity.

At the Elements Showcase last year, I met Sara Carner founder of Carner Barcelona fragrances.  As you can tell from the picture to the right, she is absolutely stunning and very engaging. She allowed me to ask about her background (MBA from Columbia Univ), how she got started in fragrances, the inspiration behind her fragrance line, some of the challenges she faced (at the time) getting US distribution for her brand and so on! I totally absorbed all she shared. I was enamored by her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion. She reminded me of myself!   Fast forward a few months, I was on the minnewyork.com website just checking it out and I noticed her frangrancs are now carried in their SOHO location!!!!  To top it off, her fragrance, "Cuirs," is a top 5 finalist for the 2012 FiFi "Indie" award!!!! What an outstanding last few months! I'm totally rooting for Sara.  She is definitely a woman who is about creating opportunities for her brand.
I will be attending the 2012 Elements Showcase next week! Look back to see if Sara Carner takes the award home!

Additional information:
Sara Carner-carnerbarcelona.com
Min New York- www.minnewyork.com
Elements Showcase-elements-showcase.com
Fragrance Foundation-www.fragrance.org


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