Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My wish fragrance, AMOUAGE! It's a niche luxury fragrance line that I've had my eyes on and my nose fixed to for some time but haven't  had enough courage to purchase! Anytime you see the words Sultanate of Oman , you know it will be an investment.  It's one of those fragrances you treat yourself to only when you've reached a goal or a milestone, or simply want to splurge.  It’s a STATEMENT fragrance. From the Arabic inspired bottle design to the exoticness of the fragrances, you will be transfixed immediately. You will not want to dab more than needed; it will become a treasured commodity to be admired by those who are fortunate to inhale it. It’s distinctive and luxurious and serves as an announcer of sort. It tells of your arrival in sophisticated, sensual, and discerning manner. People will inquire, they may even follow, it may cause a desirable reaction, or it may even create its own memories…it’s pleasantly contagious.  I have sampled it and am waiting for the right opportunity to purchase it but trust me this will elevate my entire collection…the others may get jealous!  My AMOUAGE review  will be my most exciting review to date when I do purchase in the coming months.  Visit Amouage.com for additional information!

Amouage Honour Eau De Parfum
 A niche Luxury fragrance founded over a quater of a century ago
Inspired by the Sultan of Oman

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  1. I can't wait to see your reviews!! Which one will be your first purchase? I was fortunate enough to purchase Lyric Woman and fell in love. Their body products are to die for. While traveling in London , the sales associate was kind enough to give me samples of Epic shower gel and body lotion---OMG!!!- Kim W:-)