Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Potions... Scents and Spirits

Love Potions (click link for full article)

Excerpt: Mindy Yang of Min NY in New York City- "Fragrance is quite a part of our existence, isn't it? These invisible, magical molecules create, transcend, and often complete the experience of a beautiful moment for me. They help me recall people, moments, and places. I have quite a love affair with scents. To me, perfumes are necessary accessories, I'm not ever fully dressed without one."

I've had the opportunity to meet Mindy on several occasions. She's a truly impressive woman who is  extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her craft.  Six months ago, maybe longer, I attended an in-store event that paired fragrances with different types of spirits. I recall being intrigued by Mindy's ability to speak so fluidly and confidently to her audience. I said to myself, "Damn she is good. That will be you one day Kim."

Read the article when you have the chance! Some of my favorite scents are pair with unique cocktails that are worth creating on your own!

For more information of Mindy and Min New York please check out the website,!

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